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marketerSmile is an advertising platform on which advertising in the form of banners or text advertising can be booked. These are classic products from the area of ​​onlinemarketing as offered by many companies on the Internet. marketerSmile was founded in February 2016 as a new company. The founder and CEO is Mr. Clemens Wichmann from Freiburg im Breisgau.

Many well-known advertising platforms collect all advertising revenues for themselves. marketerSmile offers the participants a revenue share, which is distributed pro rata with the advertising form Ads + RPS - Cycler. With Ads + RPS - Cycler worth $ 1 - $ 25, you get the opportunity to switch banners or text insights into your own products or services.

As a prerequisite we offer RPS (revenue profit share) or Matrix Cycler. These are involved in the turnover and spent on the merits of the participants. You will also receive attractive commissions through your team up to level 10.

The minimum amount is $ 25. The platform works internally with the currency Dollar, which converts daily to EUR.

Participants can start buying revenue shares (1 - 25 dollars RPS) to participate in company revenues. For this, one must have at least 1 RPS. Earnings are credited to 50% in a earning and a re-purchase balance. Earnings from the resale credit can only be used for the purchase of additional advertising forms. A user account registration and use of the platform is free of charge.

No! Multiple user accounts are not allowed. If it is determined that a single person has abused multiple accounts, they will be disabled and marked for deletion, without any claim or disbursement. If you have inadvertently created a second user account, please inform our support by email with your user name and / or your participant ID.

No, there is no right to reimbursement and no right of withdrawal from purchase. All deposits and purchases are considered final.


Due to the fact that it is a digital product, no purchases can be repacked. The Provisions and Revenue Share Program on the purchase of products and services is used to distribute directly to all other members. You also benefit from merits by buying products and services that were made by marketerSmile no matter what person. Therefore, no money can be reimbursed that has already been received or distributed to other members.

If the purchase is made via a payment service with which the payment is canceled in the future, this will result in a deletion of the user account at marketerSmile unless a support ticket has been previously sent to marketerSmile to clarify any inconsistencies.

Yes. Registering a user account and using the platform is free of charge.

You can purchase 10 plans per order and the total number is not limited.